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Assisted attorneys through the development of legal cases.  This included acting as the record custodian, record keeping, mediations, depositions.   Assisted project managers during the preparation of reports to include assessments of properties, turnover reports, 588 walkthroughs, matrix, surveys of conditions using word and excel.

  • Review of Violations 

  •  Site Inspections 

  •  Hearings Code Enforcement and Agencies involved 

  •  Prepare, oversee, and manage a resolution in agreement with Board, Agency and Counsel Meetings  as required 

  • Assistance during fines mitigation 

  • Oversee the engineering drawings, testing and destructive testing as necessary to resolve matter 

  • Review any engineering required to address violations 

  • Carry process to permitting as required 

  • Oversee work is finalized and permit closed 

  • Hearing requests attendance with Government Officials 

  • Negotiations to reduce fines acquire 

  • Provide Final Violation Clearance 


Assist attorneys/clients through the development of legal cases. Construction defects  investigation, assessments, preparation of reports, prepare and attend depositions, prepare budget  estimate reports, review of 558 Reports, Review of Settlements.


​This included acting as the expert for construction defects, insurance claims, record custodian,  record keeping, mediations, depositions. Coordination of meetings with Counsel and City  officials.  


Related to Construction and design defects, first and third-party claims, vandalism, mixed use building claims, 558 claims, etc. 


Biscayne 21 Condominium Association Siegfried Rivera -Jason M. Rodgers-daCruz 

HVAC Construction Defects with Extensive Damages to Building 

2121 S. Bayshore Drive 

Miami, Florida 33137  

Construction Defects -Litigation expert witness on construction defect case that included, building, mechanical, electrical and fire sprinkler trades.


Vizcayne Master Association

253 NE 2nd Street

Miami, Florida 33138

Yotel Construction vs. Vizcayne Master

Damages caused to Vizcayne Master during Next door construction. Involved in evaluation, assessments, estimating and resolution of claim


Vizcayne North Association

244 Biscayne Blvd.

Miami, Florida 33138

Electrical Ground Wire vs. Vizcayne North Association

Damages caused to Vizcayne North Association, Inc. Involved in the emergency, construction management, evaluation, assessments, estimating and resolution of claim.


Vizcayne North Association

244 Biscayne Blvd.

Miami, Florida 33138

Commercial Adjacent construction Vs. Vizcayne North Association.

Attended Legal counsel in the litigation to reopen closed areas performed by Commercial which affected and interfere with the operations of the building’s original design and daily operations.  Meetings with attorneys, building officials and inspectors.  


SKS Legal Group, P.A. 

Gyasi Residence

Construction Defects, breach of contract, misuse of funds 


Dr. Esme Segel 

1717 Bayshore Drive 

Miami, Florida 33138 

Insurance Claim Defects – Mediation 

$ 250,000.00

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